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Photographs for All Occasions in Arlington Texas

I am one of Arlington Texas local professional photographers tha loves taking portraits at any location, but I mostly do outdoor portrait photography. My special eye can setup the perfect shot for any outdoor shots.

Family Portraits

As a photographer I love taking family photos. Whether of the whole famly, just the kids, one on one, and even in humorous poses. One of my humorus poses was of children hanging on to the bridge railing like they were faling off. Not to worry their feet were touching the ground.

Wedding Pictures

Weddings are an extra special event and as such a photorapher needs to be able to catch those extra special moments to last forever. As a photographer of wedding photos I know how important that special time is for the bride and groom. I tend to take extra special care to capure all of those special wedding moments. As a fomer bride myself I know how stressful the day can be and I try extra hard to make it as simple, but beautiful as possible. After all, you got married to spend more time with each other and not the photographer

Senior Portraits

It has taken almost 18 years and finally the day to end highschool has come. Everyone is excited and trying to get them to stay still for a few minutes is going to be hard enough. At Vida Presher Photography I can come to the place of your choosing to get your senior portraits done with care and love. And I will make your graduates look great too.

Newborn Pictures

One of my favorite sittings is baby photography. Being able to see and take pictures of those blessed beautiful babies is wonderful for me. I like to be able hold those precious litle ones and to capture those peacful little faces.

Sports Portraits

No I am not a sports photogrpaher. I am however, a photographer of sports portraits for your little men and women in litle leagues of all kinds. Soccer, football, basketball, t-ball, cheerleading, or any of those other sports I will photograph them one on one or with the team and the coach. Then you and them will have a rememberance of the begining of their sporting career.


I also take portraits of individuals in outdoor settings. I have photographed people at the park, in their homes, at school, engagement, and many others. If you would like an individual portrait for friends or family or to give to a future spouse and you have an amazing spot let me know. If not I can recommend a good location. That goes for all of my sittings too.

Maternity Photos

I know what you are thinking why would you want a picture when you fell like you swallowed a watermelon whole. Well, to me an expecting mother is one the most beautiful things on Earth. The glow that emintes from around you makes you look totally fanastic, and I think that a great photograph that captures that beauty is a wonderful idea. Don't worry I am mother myself and will make you feel and look like you are worth all of the precious stones in all of the galaxy. Because you deserve it.

Book a Portrait Sitting Now!

As a photographer of portrait photography I will meet with you within 10 miles of my main location. Whether at the mall, in a park, or at your home.

I can shoot your portraits now for Wedding Photos Engagement Photos Individual Photos New Born Pictures Sports Portraits Senior Portrait Maternity Photos Family Portraits for yourselves or to share with family and friends.

If a portrait is in the near future then Vida Presher Photography can give you the photographs you need and want to share.

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